screenprinting workshop


Galleries are "pleased to announce," I'm just looking forward to teaching this summer at the Robert Blackburn Printmaking Workshop. Located right down the street from my old Hell's Kitchen stomping grounds, they have been a force for inclusion and experimentation in printmaking for decades. For all that time they had never had a screenprinting facility, but they're building one now. My screenprinting workshop will be the first one offered there, so that's pretty cool.

The goal of the Intro to Screenprinting class will be to start from zero, explaining what a silkscreen is and how it works, working our way up to advanced printing techniques over the course of six weeks in August/September. To quote (myself) from the description on the website:

"This class will provide a comprehensive introduction to the fundamentals of screenprinting, with a focus on training students to plan and execute projects confidently, while developing essential printing skills. Students will also explore hand drawn films, color mixing, registration, multilayer printing, photographic processes, and experimental techniques."

Here's a link to the RBPMW website with info on the class and how to register: